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3 Phase System

XCEL Fitness System

     The XCEL Fitness Training System is designed to improve performance and minimize injuries via conditioning and skill development. This sports-specific performance group is dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive sports training for athletes of all ages. We use innovative training equipment and challenging exercises that allow us to enhance one’s potential and optimize their individual abilities. Our philosophy consists of a three-phase system of training, which focuses on improving an athlete’s speed, strength and knowledge of their specific sport.

Phase 1: Dynamic Warm-Up

     Phase 2: Conditioning

     Phase 3: Sports-Specific Training and Skill Development

     We offer a variety of programs that focus on multiple aspects of improving an athlete’s performance, but these are the basic fundamental principles we apply to each workout and training session.

     The XCEL Fitness Training System is unique. We come to you!  We can also rent out a gym in a nearby area to help reduce scheduling conflicts. We want athletes to be able to attend our training sessions! We are fully equipped to create an intense and efficient training environment that will push one’s potential far beyond their standards.

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